Thursday, December 11, 2008

El Vocho Update

Over the past two weeks, I've drawn (in pencil) and lettered ten new pages of material for El Vocho. I've been on a roll with this latest batch of pages and the story is really taking off. I'm not posting this stuff yet, as I still need to ink it, and I am stateside for the next month, away from my studio in Oaxaca.
When I get back in January, I'll probably continue to buzz through the story with pencil art before inking & posting much more of the story. This will allow me to get into the flow of the narrative without breaking to ink; actually this is the way I usually work, first I pencil a whole book before inking. The creative process opens up better for me if I pencil first, the muse settles in and stays with me.
The above art is actually a teaser from the piece I recently completed for the next issue of WW3 Illustrated, which will appear in March 2009. The story I did for it is a capsule version of El Vocho. I thought it would be nice to post a sample of that story without giving away too much.