Tuesday, June 2, 2009

El Vocho Progress Report

A couple of people have asked if I'd dropped El Vocho as I hadn't posted any new comics for awhile. Man, it's the opposite! I have 25 new pages of comics drawn on the story, all in pencil so far so I haven't posted.
I'm trying to get the whole thing done before I start inking, and posting again.
The art here is a rough for a large panel that will appear on page 65.
My master plan for El Vocho, such as it is, would be to publish the book in 2010 and do some traveling to promote it.
I'm working on a couple new venues for expression and / or promotion that could really pump up the profile of this project, having to do with some rockin' Oaxacabilly music and a possible doc film appearance, more as it actually happens.