Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Introducing "El Vocho"

I've finished the script for a new graphic novel entitled El Vocho. I've started drawing the book and I'll be posting segments here as the work progresses.

For what it's worth, I should mention here that "Vocho" is the Mexican slang term for the revered, tough and beloved VW bug, still one of the most popular cars in Mexico (they were manufactured in Brazil up to '04 or '05).

This is a new way of working for me. In the past, I'd published my BugHouse material in comic book format (magazines of 24 - 32 pages each) before collecting them as graphic novels. In todays "new media" landscape, the more efficient, elegant model is to post the work as it appears.

It will be seen by a larger audience with a lot less hassle & expense for both artist and consumer. When the thing is finished, I'll go through the formal "old school" process of publishing it as a book.

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Richard said...

Great to see your new project Steve! It looks interesting already. I like your approach of posting online with plans to publish in print later. I hope it's a successful publishing strategy and that you'll share the results.

I'll run a new item on El Vocho in my Saturday update on

Anonymous said...

looks great so far steve .. btw, if you convert your scans to grayscale *before* scaling them down to websize, and then save as a gif -- it will look *much* sharper!

looking forward to seeing how this evolves!

Anonymous said...

and, er, that was nate leaving the comment. OpenID apparently refers to me as kfkppqgpm50tlzqrzyfaftu.fmjh!

Steve Lafler said...

Hey Nate, I like the mouthful of consonants name! Thanks for the tip about converting the scans to greyscale, I will do it.

Anonymous said...

Hey how do you know michael tivnan?

email meh.