Thursday, May 1, 2008

El Vocho #5

I want to note here, I've taken a bit of a break from inking "El Vocho" as I've been cranking out pages in pencil (and I usually letter the penciled pages as I go). This is the way I've always worked, I'll do stacks and stacks of pencils before inking, it helps me get into the story groove where the good stuff is just flowing through me.

I just tried to scan some of the penciled work on my crappy scanner, and it was no go. So at some point soon, I'll get some more stuff inked and posted, but for now I'm back to burning up the bristol board with pencil.

When I moved to Mexico last year, I knew in my heart that my nice large format Mustec scanner would likely get smashed to bits if I tried to ship it here, so I gave it to a friend instead. Sooner or later, I'll score another such rig and set it up down here.

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