Tuesday, October 14, 2008

El Vocho #18

As the world economy staggers about and blows it's lunch, I'm more convinced that ever that the next economy will be a green economy.

Ever since the "Reagan revolution", we've seen the old school business powers that be have their day. Reagan's first campaign manager, William Casey (later his CIA chief), stated flat out that the whole Reagan thing was a counter-revolution against the values put forth by the various youth movements of the 60s.

Even Clinton moved forward with deregulation and the deconstruction of social programs.

Now, with the disastrous BushCheney debacle almost done, we can hope for a more level headed approach to matters of public policy and business conduct that will give my kids generation a chance to live and thrive.

This is the sort of thing I'm writing about in EL VOCHO. Of course, I'm also putting forth the idea that the ass backwards oil gang won't give up without a fight, so be forewarned!

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