Wednesday, February 10, 2010

El Vocho #48

Again I've posted full comic pages to El Vocho. To see these suckers really big, just click on them. Lemme know whatcha think about this approach to posting these comics.

The web is great for media like animation, music and movies, but comics? They just work better in book format. However, I post these El Vocho pages anyway, it's the best way to get the word out about the book prior to official publication.
IN the old days, I'd put out a series of comic magazines such as Bughouse, then collect them all in a graphic novel. To say it's no longer economically viable for me to publish individual comic mags is an understatement! I used to make a bit of money on it before the big Diamond Comics monopoly takeover of comics distribution in 1996. I miss the old comic books, but maybe things are better now, fewer trees are cut to put out the mags, and the graphic novel has a literary cache that it did not yet have back then. Now, if only MY graphic novels could catch on like the latest teen pop sensation! Fuck, if only I was sixteen!
New Comics posted every Wednesday. To read El Vocho from the start, check out the blog archives.
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