Wednesday, March 17, 2010

El Vocho #53

Just returned from five days at the coast in Puerto Angel and environs. What a great run of beach towns there! Gorgeous and laid back.
Now it's back to work, here is the latest EL VOCHO page.

Click on the art to see it large.

Just a few more pages to ink, then it's on to a round of revisions. Then I'll pitch this baby to a list of publishers I've put together, although I could always put it out on my own MANX MEDIA imprint too.

For sure, I will have a publishing event in San Francisco at the Mercury Cafe in Hayes Valley on July 22, if you happen to be in town just then. We're puttin' together a pickup band for the event, as the DICK NIXON EXPEREINCE, but the music itself will be puro Oaxacabilly.

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