Wednesday, March 24, 2010

El Vocho update

No new page this week, between entertaining guests in Oaxaca, my adopted city, handling a slightly hysterical four year old, and playing too much Oaxacabilly guitar with too many musicians, I did not finish a page. I will say, the one in the works is a wild page! I'll post asap.
Meanwhile, my classic comic Dog Boy from the 80s has returned, via the online comics site CO2. The site is run by comics veterans Gerry Giovinco and Bill Cucinotta, and it's a total class act.
They are posting some great web comics in a visually dynamic format. I should mention they will also be posting El Vocho, and the first few pages are up.
Gerry and Bill are way smarter than I about web marketing, so this is a great chance for me to create buzz for these stories as I get ready to publish the El Vocho book.

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